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Plan trips together.

Download now Heha Android and IOS device support

Plan together

Avoid the "wish we'd done that" feeling and plan your trip together. Save web links and add custom notes, all in one place.

Download now Heha Android and IOS device support

Travel in-the-know

Unlock deals and discover those nuggets of travel tips, hidden treasures and secret corners.

Download now Heha Android and IOS device support

Helping everyone have adventures

What is HEHA?

Great question! HEHA is a brand-new, innovative travel app designed to help you plan and organise your trips.

It is the brainchild of travel company Holiday Extras, who wanted to provide travellers with one central platform for all interactions about their trip.

So that's your booking confirmations, your excursion wish list, your itinerary and even your group conversations with your family and friends to share ideas and travel details. All in one place.

It's available on both the App Store and Google Play, so you download it on all your devices and add to it whenever the moment strikes!

HEHA is not just for planning either. Use it to document and share your travels by uploading photos and links to your space. This can be for reminiscing later on or sharing with loved ones, or both!

It doesn't stop there. HEHA also provides handy reminders for things left on your to-do list, so if you're particularly forgetful this can be a complete lifesaver!

So that's HEHA, a trip planner in your pocket.

Why do I need HEHA?

HEHA will revolutionise the way you travel. From holiday brochure flicking to touchdown and beyond, HEHA is your scrapbook, your messenger and your filing cabinet all at the touch of a button.

There's no need to scrabble around trying to find and forward booking confirmations every time you need them because you've already saved them in the HEHA app - imagine the time and hassle that saves you!

No more do you need to chat with your holiday companions via five different communication channels because you can all chat and share links in your own personalised trip on the HEHA app. Maybe you can finally get them to stay on topic too!

Make sure you make the absolute most of your trip by creating an itinerary of all your top things to do, see and places to eat. All your invited friends can see the itinerary and they can all add to it too, so you can make sure it's the perfect trip for everyone involved.

But the main reason you need the HEHA app is to get you super organised and excited for your next trip.

At last an app that truly makes the trip planning fun and a team sport! I feel excited already for my trip